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Licenses | Insurance |Permits

Rossetta's Roofing is a division of Rossetta's Enterprises, Inc. Rossetta's Enterprises, Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured contractor doing business in the state of California. To visit the State of California Contractors License Status page please click here. Our license number is 743864.

It is extremely important for homeowners to enter into contracts with only licensed professionals.

Rossetta's Roofing pulls a permit on every re-roof job we do. This is really for the protection of the homeowner and is required by law.

We take care of the entire process. We procure the permit for the homeowner, schedule all inspections and meet with any inspectors should it be necessary.

What the permit provides to the homeowner is assurances that the job was performed to meet building code as well as manufacturer specifications. If you're considering a contractor that isn't willing to pull the required building permit there is most likely a reason and in almost every case it's not a good situation to put yourself into.

When we perform re-roof jobs on behalf of a general contractor, typically the general contractor has already accounted for the root permit and in this case we do not duplicate the effort and cost to the homeowner.

Typically when the general contractor has pulled the permit they are responsible for dealing with the scheduling of inspecitons and dealing with the inspectors when necessary.

Upon completion of the job, the permit is given to the homeowner for their records. It is advisable that the homeowner file this with other important documents so that they have easy access to it should they need proof that their re-roof project was done legally. This might be necessary if the house was to be listed for sale or something similar.