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Rossetta's Roofing, where quality is always a part of the job!

"Since our inception in 1988, our mission was never to simply meet customer expectations, it was to exceed them. " Dan Rossetta - Owner, Rossetta's Roofing

With that basic principle as our mission, Rossetta's Roofing has earned the reputation as the roofing contractor you can depend on. When the time comes to protect your home with a new roof, Rossetta's has the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete the project in a timely manner. Rossetta's employees have combined for more than 100 years of service with Rossetta's. That continuity allows us to have the confidence that we are sending fully qualified professionals out to work on your re-roofing project.

Rossetta's is licensed through the state of Calilfornia as well as a fully bonded & insured roofing contractor. To verify our status click the above link and add lic.# 743864.

Rossetta's respects the customer's desire to get the job completed in a timely manner. To insure this we have our own tear off, sheet metal, gutters, loading and roofing divisions. By incorporating each of these divisions we are never stopped waiting for another supplier or contractor.

Over the years, the term "good enough" has been associated with many aspects of the building industry. At Rossetta's we won't settle for "good enough", we will only settle for doing the job correctly!

When we hand you an estimate for your roofing project, we do it with the confidence that we have done so using only the best materials. There are many ways to cut corners and still perform a job. Our policy is we do not cut corners just to make our estimates look more favorable when homeowners compare prices. We have, on numerous occasions, been contracted to go in after a job was completed and repair areas that were simply not done properly and are leaks. At times it's due to the previous contractor no longer being in business or simply refusing to fix the issues they created. Either way the homeowner is stuck with a problem that needs to be resolved. Several years ago we were referred by a homeowner that we did not do his job. When asked why, their answer was simply "You were the ones I should have had do the job".