Selecting a Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor Selection

Roofing contractors are not all created equal. There are many things to consider when selecting a roofing contractor. Below are 10 (in no particular order as some of them are more important to one person than they would be to another).

This is a list of items that should be very easy to find the answers to. If you ask a roofing contractor for answers to any of these items and you have a hard time getting your answers, proceed with caution. Any reputable roofing contractor should take the time necessary to make sure their potential client has all of the information on his company that they require.

Roofing Contractor Checklist

1- Are they licensed through the State Contractors License Board?
2- How long have they been established?
3- Do they carry Workman’s Comp Insurance?
4- Do they carry Liability Insurance?
5- How did you hear about them?
6- Have you seen their work?
7- Did they leave you with an impression that you were dealing with a professional?
8- Do they sub-contract any of the work to be performed on your home?
9- Are they in good standing with their suppliers?
10- Do they have an office or showroom that you can visit?

Roofing Contractor – Prices will vary

Roofing Contractors may have a wide variety of costs that will contribute to the price of a new roofing job. Price, especially in this tough economy we’ve all been dealing with, may have an impact on your decision. Quite often selecting the least expensive roofing contractor leads to spending even more than you would have spent had you selected a better qualified roofing contractor from the beginning.

Roofing contractors estimates can vary greatly depending on how they choose to run their business. For some roofing contractors, the job simply needs to be “good enough” while others may only settle for the highest quality possible. It’s very important for you to have a clear understanding of which of these types of  roofing contractors you’re dealing with. The more of the above listed items a roofing contractor fulfills the more likely it will be that their price will increase accordingly. Roofing contractors pay some of the highest worker’s compensation rates on top of Materials, Labor, and more.

In addition to the cost of materials it is highly recommended that you insist on all previous roofing materials being removed by the roofing contractor. Many times the roofing contractor will install the new roof over the old roofing materials. It is our opinion that all previous materials should be removed down to the roof deck. By having the roofing contractor remove all previous roofing material, you can address any dry rot issues that may exist and know going forward that your decking is ready to accept the added weight of a new roof. Our experience is that a roof that has been overlaid will last significantly less than the same product installed over the underlayment & roof decking.

So, why would a roofing contractor suggest not removing the old roofing? There can several reasons:

  • The roofing contractor not being equipped to perform the roof removal part of the job
  • The roofing contractor wants their price to look more favorable than their competition
  • If wood roofing is coming off, the cost for the tear off and solid decking might make the pricing not look as attractive

The above items can apply to a roofing contractor as well as most any other trade.  While some of them may seem obvious to many of you, not everyone will think of these items at the time of a meeting. Don’t feel out of line for asking any of these questions, this is all information that most roofing contractors should be happy to produce for you if you’d like it.

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