Install new roofing now or wait until after the rainy season?

Roofing, do it now or should I wait?

Roofing during the rainy season can be quite scary to a homeowner. One of the questions we are often asked is if the homeowner should wait until after the rainy season before roofing their home. Living in the bay area we have a very mild rainy season which alleviates the worries of installing new roofing during the rainy season.

Roofing companies may operate in two modes. During the winter months Rossetta’s Roofing normally tears off one section of roofing and gets it water tight before we move onto the next section. The only time this can change is when we have full confidence that no weather is due in the upcoming timeframe we need to get the roof back to water tight.  During the spring summer and fall months we typically remove the entire roof and make it all water tight at the same tight as the threat of rain is non-existent. Regardless of when we do your re-roof job, we constantly check the weather forecasts to make sure that we don’t get a false sense of security and have to scramble to get a roof back to water tight.

Roofing contractors should be available to assist a homeowner in reaching their conclusions. Our advice to any homeowner that thinks they may have a leaky roof issue is to call your local roofing contractor. Quite often we find that by the time a homeowner actually sees evidence of a leak it is far worse on the roof itself. Don’t wait to call as water that is getting into your attic can and often will do more damage in rot issues.

Roofing should be done in the summer months is the old theory that will save money on a re-roofing job. This is simply not the case. Most legitimate roofing companies will maintain price integrity regardless of what month it is. If you’re unsure of which roofing company to call, ask your family & friends who they used and if they had a positive experience. Referrals quite often will lead you to a positive situation with the contractor as opposed to just finding someone in the Yellow Pages or on the internet.

Do It Yourself Advice – Inspecting Your Roofing Situation

If you’re a Do It Yourself type of homeowner, our advice is to be extra careful when walking on your roof, especially during the winter months. Extra caution should also be given in areas where the roof faces north and is more prone to moss/moisture buildup as it can get extremely slippery and dangerous.

Inspecting your own roofing.

Here are a few pictures of roof leaks that may help you.

image of a damaged wood shake

Burn through in a shake roof

The key to the above problem is how often do you find this? If only a handful of time you can get away with simple repairs. If this is a general reflection of the overall roofing condition you should replace the roof. Quite often we find roofs with the wood shakes having been burned through by the sun. In order to buy some time the homeowner has either installed some wood shingles or metal shims to cover the exposed holes. These are both temporary fixes and may not last long as they may slide out of position.

image of a leaky plumbing jack

leaky plumbing jack due to tape drying out

The above example has two easy fixes. 1) Re-Tape the jack or 2) Install a rubber collar which can be purchased at your local roofing supply company.

Image of Broken Roofing Pieces

Broken Roofing Pieces

If you find broken tiles and shakes the first thing to ask yourself is can I find more of this material at a local roofing supply house? In the above case, you’d need to replace the roofing as this product is no longer available since the manufacturer is no longer in business.

If you decide to contact a local roofing contractor, you may wish to consider reading our blog on what to look for in a roofing estimate.

We hope this blog article has been helpful to you. If we can be of assistance to you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us for a roofing evaluation. Please visit our Facebook page. Please follow us on Twitter.

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