Rain Gutters Maintenance

Rain Gutters Maintenance

Quite often we’ll get a call from a homeowner looking for someone to come out and inspect their rain gutters as they are leaking at the seams. The majority of the time it is due to the gutters themselves just being backed up or the downspouts are plugged up.

Rain Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis to help avoid this situation. How often really depends on how much foliage they are subject to on a regular basis. You may not have any trees but your neighbors very well could and their leaves will get airborne during a storm that includes wind.

Rain gutters have been cleaned but there are still issues?

Rain Gutters have been cleaned, the downspouts aren’t plugged up, and you’re still having some leaking going on? Most likely the seam or miter may have the slightest hole which is allowing the water to just get out and drip. If the rain gutters are seamless rain gutters, most likely the sealant used has dried up and water is starting to get through even the slightest of spaces. If you have Galvanized or Bonderized rain gutters, quite often it’s the solder joint that has given way to the elements and has cracked. Assuming the seam is not too rusty it can be re-sealed. Once metal gets too rusty it is borderline impossible to try and re-solder or even re-seal properly.


Rain Gutters have been cleaned but the water just trickles out of the downspouts. This is sometimes the case we find and in most cases it’s due to the downspouts being plugged up. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a garden hose up the ladder with you and with a high pressure nozzle attached, blasting water through the neck of the downspouts.  If that fails and you can’t safely clean out the downspouts, you may in some case be able to remove the downspout by simply removing  the straps used to secure the downspouts to the walls.

Should you decide to remove the downspouts from the wall it is recommended that you label them so that you can know which one came from where. Take a marker and identify them on the backside of the downspout so that it can’t be seen after you put them back up. If you have a lot of downspouts to deal with and you choose to remove them all at the same time, draw a small diagram of the house and label them accordingly to avoid a problem later. Downspouts are built to fit tightly and in most cases one downspout can not be installed in another location without it being to tight or too loose.

Rain Gutters – Do It Yourself Advice

For the Do It Yourself crowd, it is extremely important to always exercise caution when stepping onto a ladder. The closer to the top you get the more unstable the ladder can become and for those who don’t climb ladders regularly, the more unstable they become.

Rain Gutters can withstand the weight of a ladder against them. Depending on if you have aluminum or bonderized rain gutters, where you place your ladder can potentially dent the material. Most rain gutters are installed with a bracket over a rafter to help solidify the rain gutter. Try and place your ladder over a rafter to increase the likelihood of you placing the ladder on a stronger part of the rain gutter.

When in doubt call a professional who is accustomed to performing this type of work on rain gutters on a regular basis. Most Rain Gutter repairs can be done for a reasonable amount of money and simply don’t outweigh the potential dangers of climbing up and down a ladder if you’re not comfortable on one.

There’s rain gutters under there?

Believe it or not the answer is yes. Under certain environments this is a common problem that homeowners are faced with.  Needless to say this is not a safe roof to walk prior to cleaning the rain gutters.

Rain Gutters

Rain Gutter filled with debris

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