Aluminum or Bonderized Rain Gutters,?

Rain Gutters – Aluminum or Bonderized?

Rain gutters, which one should I select, Aluminum or Bonderized? There really is no one correct or incorrect answer because it really depends on you and your property. Ultimately you will make a choice of longevity and reduced maintenance versus strength & durability. Cost is almost a non factor as the two products are within about  $1 difference in price, per linear foot installed.

Rain Gutters strength varies depending on the type of metal they are made from. For example, say you plan to hang a basketball hoop off of your garage, both aluminum & bonderized rain gutters may dent with the impact of a basketball, the Bonderized will have a better chance of making it through due to the metal simply being a stronger metal.

Rain Gutters – Strengths & Weaknesses of Aluminum & Bonderized

Both types of rain gutters have their own strengths & weaknesses. Aluminum rain gutters have the advantage of being shot out of a machine and can easily exceed the 30 foot maximum length of Bonderized rain gutters (30 feet is the maximum length that Bonderized rain gutters are fabricated). Say your home has a requirement for a 60 foot length of gutter, with Aluminum you can do it all in one continuous piece whereas with Bonderized you’d need 3 pieces due to the overlap. This means 2 seams, that you wouldn’t need to have with Aluminum rain gutters. Seams are quite often the first failure point in rain gutters.

One other advantage to an aluminum gutter is that they come pre-painted inside and out so when they go up, you’re finished, no need to contract a painter or spend a weekend painting them yourself. If you decide to paint your home in the future you can easily paint the gutters a new color. One additional factor may very well be how the seams are treated. With Aluminum rain gutters they’re typically sealed with sealant built to last. With Bonderized rain gutters, you’ll typically have the seams soldered. Solder joints while very strong if done properly have  tendency to rust over time.

We’re often asked about the strength of a Aluminum rain gutters and if they can withstand it if someone is going to put a ladder against them to climb on the roof. While Both types of gutters are strapped every other rafter (every 4 feet). If you place your ladder over the rafter area you can climb up each of the two gutter types with confidence that you should not dent your gutters.

Both types of rain gutters will offer a variety of style and sizes to choose from. We have samples of bonderized style rain gutters available to be viewed on our website. We also have an aluminum rain gutters color chart to assist homeowners in making their selection. Ultimately you should see a live color sample before making your selection. The color chart is really just to get you close.

Rain Gutters – Making a choice

Rain gutters selections are a matter of the homeowner determining what is more important to them. If you feel you need the extra strength that a Bonderized gutter will give you, rest assured you’re getting a quality rain gutter in a variety of styles. If you feel that you simply don’t need the extra strength and prefer to have them prepainted and seamless then perhaps Aluminum is the way to go for your buying needs. As is quite often the case, the best choice will vary from customer to customer based on their surroundings and buying requirements. For more information on gutters please visit our rain gutters page on our website. For rain gutter maintenance information please check out or blog on doing maintenance on Rain Gutters.

We’ll address Copper rain gutters in a future blog. Copper gutters have long been desired by many but the cost quite often prevents many clients from making the investment.

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